7th Grade Retreat “Justice & Mercy”

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February 14 & 16, 2017
The 7th grade had their retreat with the theme “Justice and Mercy”. The facilitators were Mr. Delson Balance assisted by Ms. Bernadette Alcantara.

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6th Grade Retreat: “Compassion”

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January 24 & 26, 2017

The 6th grade class had their retreat themed “Compassion”. Through the guidance of the facilitator Mr. Delson Balance, they learn what it means to be compassionate and to show compassion toward others.

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8th Grade Retreat – Stewardship

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Santa Barbara’s 8th Graders Attend Mercy Retreat
As part of the Faith Formation program of Santa Barbara Catholic School, the SBCS 8th graders attended  a retreat facilitated by Religion teacher, Mr. Delson Balance last October 25 and 26, 2016. The retreat was held at the Santa Barbara Parish Hall. Focusing on the Mercy Core Value of STEWARDSHIP, the retreat had a three-fold objective: 1.) To let students develop a habit of reflection and prayer. 2) To help student gain valuable insights from Pope Francis’ encyclical, “Laudato Si” and from the life of Venerable Catherine McAuley. 3.) To foster a positive and healthy class spirit and unity that would enable students to get to know and understand themselves, their peers, God’s creation and hopefully, God, better. 


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“Mercy” – Faculty and Staff Retreat 2016

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The SBCS faculty and staff had their annual retreat at the Tai Mercy Convent in Mangilao last February 6, 2016 with Fr. Xavier Alpasa, S.J. as retreat director. A pre-retreat talk was also given by Fr. Alpasa to the group on Thursday, February 4 in the SBCS faculty lounge.

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