Archbishop Byrnes visits Santa Barbara Catholic School

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Mercy Day celebration at Santa Barbara Catholic School was made more special this year with a visit from Archbishop Michael Byrnes on Friday, Sept.  22.

The archbishop presided over the morning Mass held at Santa Barbara Catholic Church. Afterwards, he went on a tour of the school with Principal Sister Maria Rosario Gaite, RSM leading with the Sisters of Mercy Traveling Museum that showcased SBCS history from 1950.

Surprise performances from the K4 and sixth grade classes came next. He also stopped by the Art Room of Mr. Julius Cena and viewed student artworks and displays.

Archbishop Byrnes then visited the Ysrael Building which houses the Computer Lab and Science Lab. He even got his turn under the digital microscope!

Capping the visit was a luncheon with select SBCS eighth graders, faculty & staff where the SBCS Honor Choir serenaded everyone with their version of the classic “What a Wonderful World.” Students also had a chance to ask the archbishop questions which ranged from “Do you play any sports?” and “Who influenced you to be priest?” to what his views are on climate change – all of which he gamely answered.

Santa Barbara Catholic School’s Mercy Day celebration continued throughout the day as classes engaged in community outreach activities and visited the office of Sister Maria Rosario Gaite, RSM to personally greet her “Happy Mercy Day.”

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Sisters of Mercy traveling Museum

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The Sisters of Mercy Traveling Museum opened it’s doors on Tuesday Sept. 12, 2017. An opening ceremony was held to bless the museum. Alumni, Sisters of Mercy, SBCS students, and other guests enjoyed a trip through the ages of the history of the Sisters of Mercy and most especially the history of Santa Barbara. The traveling museum will be open until Sept. 22, 2017. So come on down to Santa Barbara and enjoy a walk through time at the traveling Museum.

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Sisters of Mercy 70th Anniversary

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