Jesuit Professor Talks on The Year of the Faith at Santa Barbara Catholic School

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Visiting Jesuit Theology professor, Fr. Asandas Balchand, SJ from Ateneo de Manila University, recently delivered an inspiring and meaningful talk to the faculty, staff, and parents of Santa Barbara Catholic School on Pope Benedict XVI’s Apostolic Letter on The Year of Faith and Ignatian Discernment last Friday, October 5, 2012.  As part of the school’s ongoing faith formation activities, Fr. Balchand’s talk gave his audience the opportunity to understand more concretely the Pope’s apostolic letter in this age when there is a need to intensify one’s reflection on the faith and bear witness to charity and social responsibility. Fr. Balchand summarized Pope Benedict XVI’s letter into 5 points: 1. Focus on Christ 2. The value of witness. 3. Adapt to historical times/circumstances 4. Communal dimension and social responsibility. 5. “Intensify the witness of charity” or deeds done for others.

In his talk on Ignatian Discernment, Fr. Balchand gave practical tips and examples on using the Ignatian way of discernment in making a good decision in one’s life.

Father Balchand was on Guam for a couple of days upon the invitation of Mr. & Mrs. Ben Lorenzo, who are active members of Couples for Christ. His visit also gave him a chance to re-connect with friends, former students and alumni of Ateneo de Manila University who are working on the island as teachers, professionals, and/or lay parish ministers. Sr. Maria Rosario Gaite, vice-principal of Santa Barbara Catholic School is one of his former students.

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Faculty Orientation | SY 2012-2013

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July 31-August 6, 2012 • SBCS Petrie Gym.

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ARTICLE: “Come and Follow Me”: The SBCS Faculty and Staff Spiritual Retreat

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by Mr. Marlon Vargas and Sr. Maria Rosario Gaite
Published in Umatuna Si Yu’os, the Catholic newspaper of the Archdiocese of Agana
February 5, 2012

“Come and Follow Me…Celebrating Catholic Schools: Faith, Academics and Service.”  This was the theme of the recent Santa Barbara Catholic School Faculty and Staff Spiritual Retreat held last January 21, 2012 at Carmel on the Hill Retreat Center, Malojloj, Guam.

This is the second year that the administration, faculty and staff decided to hold their retreat in the middle of the school year. Having the retreat at beginning of the new year, and the beginning of the second semester afforded the faculty and staff to have a break from their daily routine and spend a day to take stock of their individual lives, their relationship with one other, and their education ministry through an encounter with Christ in prayer. They experienced different forms of prayers and reflections, individually and as a group, such as the Ignatian Meditation and Taize Prayer. Marie Mararac, SBCS Finance Director and Mrs. Arleen Suplido, SBCS Curriculum Coordinator were all praises for the retreat.

L-R: Faculty members Delson Balance,Karl Cepeda, and Kristine Roxas participate in the Ignatian guided meditation at the SBCS faculty and staff retreat.

“It was well prepared, and coordinated, and I appreciated everyone’s sincerity and cooperation in all the activities we had. I was particularly touched by Father Edwin’s discussion on teaching as a vocation, “ Mararac commented. “I liked the guided Ignatian Meditation activity and the opportunity to receive the sacrament of reconciliation because it enhanced my prayer experience during the retreat,” Mrs. Arleen Suplido added.

Fr. Edwin Ulanday, Salesian priest from Father Duenas Memorial School was the retreat master at the retreat.

Through the talk given by the retreat master, Rev. Fr. Edwin Ulanday, SDB, the faculty and staff increased their faith knowledge by reflecting on the Church Document: Lay Catholics in Schools. The faculty and staff covenant developed and written at the start of the school year was also revisited and reaffirmed. Individually, they evaluated themselves on how they have lived out and made reparations for failing to live up to the covenant. Their role as educator and formator were appreciated through the letters of affirmation they received from their students. One of the highlights of the retreat was the Sharing of Cup of Tea activity where words of thanks and forgiveness were shared thus strengthening and deepening the friendship, bond, and professional relationship among the retreatants. The retreat concluded with everyone gathering for the Eucharistic celebration presided by Fr. Ulanday.

The whole spiritual retreat was truly a success because of the wonderful participation and involvement of the administration, faculty and staff. Of course, it was made more meaningful because of the hard work and organization of the retreat team namely Ms. Bernadette Alcantara, Mr. Delson Balance, Mr. Marlon Vargas, and Mr. Ron Pangan.  Aside from facilitating the varied activities, they made it possible for the retreat to flow smoothly, and provided everyone with a meaningful and memorable retreat.

Photo op of the Santa Barbara School's administration, faculty, and staff with Fr. Ulanday at the end of the retreat.

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“Come and Follow Me” | SBCS Admin, Faculty and Staff Retreat

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January 21, 2012 • Carmel on the Hill, Malojloj | Retreat Master: Fr. Edwin Ulanday, SDB

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