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Important Reminder

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Catholic Schools Week Schedule

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6: 30 a.m. CSW Walkfest to Kick-off Catholic School Celebrations
 Who:  All students and their families are invited, esp. those of the awardees.
Where:  AOLG covered parking lot
Attire:  CSW Shirt
Walk Fee:  $7.00 (only for those without CSW shirt)
What to bring:  noisemakers, ribbons


9:30 a.m. Catholic Schools Week Opening Liturgy
 Who:  Student representatives/officers from 4th to 8th grade
Where:  Agana Cathedral
Attire:  Daily Uniform, to include ties for boys


Mass: 9:00 – 10:05 AM

Opening of the Holy Door of Mercy: 10:10 AM

FD ROTC Presentation: 1:00 PM, followed by the Service Awards



Parade Assembly: 8:00 AM – by grade level starting K4-7th Grade (South Gate)

  • Please let them bring hats/sun visors and apply sunblock lotion. (These are the basic cancer prevention for the skin.)

Banners/Posters: c/o Religion Subject

Dress Down Fee: $1 ( Superhero shirt / or purple top and jeans attire to honor cancer survivors).

*All collections will be given to American Cancer Society. Also, please bring an extra PE shirt/Purple top/ or Superhero shirt to change in after the parade and activity.)

Parade: 8:00 – 8:35 AM (Iglesia Circle- Same as UN Day)

Prayer Service: 8:45 AM

Talk and Activity: 8:50 – 9:30 AM (American Cancer Society)

MOVIE AND POPCORN DAY: Teacher will determine when to watch the movie.


Urban Dictionary Spelling Bee:  Teachers vs. Alternates

Time: 1:00-2:30PM at the Gym


Time: 1:00 – 2:30 PM at the Gym

Entrance Fee: School Supplies

*School supplies will be donated to kids from Alee Shelter and chosen public schools.


No School


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School wide Spelling Bee 2016

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January 29, 2016

Santa Barbara Catholic School holds its annual school wide Spelling Bee competition. Congratulations to Ron Rocky Coloma (8A) for winning the school wide Spelling Bee competition. His winning word was “blandishment”. The runner up is Samuel Philip Calilung Lagman (7A). Ron will be competing in the Pacific Regional Spelling Competition. Good luck and best wishes Ron!

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6th Grade Retreat

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January 26 & 27, 2016

6th Grade Retreat with the theme, “Compassion”

The retreat seeks to let students develop a habit of reflection and prayer and
foster a positive and healthy class spirit.

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Chain for Life 2016

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January 24, 2016
Prayer Rally to Defend Life Against Abortion

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Scholarship Awardees

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Congratulations to Kyle Aninzo (6A), Rex Anthony Gudmalin (6A), Xerya Marie Anderson (4A), and Kayla Celine Arellano (8A).  One month tuition assistance made possible through the Melaleuca Charitable Organization Program of Santa Barbara Catholic School.  Member since 9/17/2010. We encourage more parents to participate in the Program.

From left to right, Sr. Jeanette Marie Pangelinan RSM (Principal), Kyle Anizo (6A), Rudy Gudmalin, Rex Gudmalin 6-A, Xerya Marie Anderson (4A), Jolina Anderson (PTO Treasurer), Kayla Areallano (8A), Coleen Tabilas, and Miriam T. Piana (Health Counselor).

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Advent Prayer Service and Class Parties

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December 18, 2015

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Thanksgiving 2015

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United Nations Day Celebration

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Santa Barbara Catholic School students give their all on bi-annual UN Day
By: Robyn Julianne Castro

Underlying Santa Barbara Catholic School’s festive celebration of United Nations Day on October 27, 2015 was an urgent cause. Entitled, “Taking Action: Zero Hunger Challenge,” the whole-day celebration began with a parade of all levels and their chosen country’s flag and costumes around the school.

Everyone gathered at the Petrie Gym to watch the programme of their schoolmates’ specially prepared dance numbers. The K4 students opened with the classic, “It’s a Small World.” The Kindergarten to 5th grade classes showcased the traditional dances of Hawaii, Spain, China, the Philippines, Guam, and Hungary. Finally, the girls of 7B executed a dance to a modern hit song from India.

Before continuing the days’ activities, the Social Studies department of the school, specifically Ms. Margarita Pangelinan, (6th to 8th grade Social Studies teacher) the overall coordinator of the event who oversaw all preparations, highlighted the day as one not only for celebration and awareness, but also for action and contribution. All classes were encouraged join the Zero World Hunger Challenge, the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Agenda Goal 2 for their 2030 Agenda. The Challenge looks to “end hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition, and promote sustainable agriculture.”

Launched in 2012 by United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, the Zero Wold Hunger Challenge is collective action taken to end hunger, malnutrition, and unsustainable food systems. With the knowledge that in a village of 100 people, 82 would be from less developed countries, 51 would live on less than $2 a day, 13 would lack safe drinking water, 13 would suffer from malnutrition, 25 would live in substandard housing or be homeless, 10 would be jobless, and 7 would not have a college education, the school and its students realized their abundant blessings and the need to share them with the less fortunate. The students were able to donate funds and raised a total of $597.69, all of their own initiative.

In the afternoon, the Kindergarten to 2nd grade students visited their older brothers’ and sisters’ classrooms, decorated carefully to demonstrate the culture, history, and traditions of their chosen countries: England (6A), Spain (6B), France (7A), India (7B), China (8A), and Italy (8B). Each class prepared games, short dances, songs, storytelling, and prizes to educate and entertain their visitors. The highlight of the day was 8A’s Chinese Dragon Dance, which all classes gathered around the courtyard to watch towards the end of the school day, some for the second time but with as much excitement.

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Fire Safety

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October 29, 2015
PreK, Kinder, and 4A learned about fire safety from the Guam Fire Department.

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13th Annual Ice Cream Festival

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13th ice cream festival new

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Winners of the Fun Run bib sales

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Congratulations to the winners of the Spartans Fun Run bib sales!

1st place: Ashlynn Joy Abagatnan, 2-A
2nd place: James Edwards, 4-A
3rd Place: Francezca Angela Joy De Lima, 2-A

1st place: 2-A
2nd place: 4-A
3rd place: 1-B

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