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SBCS presents Annie Jr

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Annie Jr poster

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Parent’s Lenten Recollection

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PACIFIC NEWS CENTER | Home of the Spartans Celebrate Mes Chamorro

Posted on Mar 20, 2015 in Chamorro Day, News, SY 2014-2015 | 0 comments

From the Pacific News Center
Written by Roselle Romanes

There was a big fiesta at Dededo today! In celebration of Mes Chamorro, Santa Barbara Catholic School students enjoyed a fun-filled day of activities while learning about the Chamorro culture.
The Home of the Spartans sure know how to throw a Chamorro Day event!

Santa Barbara Catholic School students danced the Cha Cha, competed in coconut race games, and learned about local legends. Teacher Jenice Cabe says the 8th graders were in charge of teaching the younger kids.

Cabe says, “They’re teaching them about the legends of Guam through shadow puppet theater. We also have weaving going on and Senator Frank Blas Jr.’s War Survivor Memorial for our 8th graders.”
First, we visited the gym. SBCS Kinder Teacher Terry Scavetta says, “Our kinders are dancing with the 5th graders. The big kids and teaching them the Cha Cha and they’re really having fun.”
Next we attended the weaving class. Students Joanna and Chloe tell us that they were taught how to weave coconut leaves into a bracelet, a Cross, and even a centipede.
From the many different activities planned throughout the day for the Spartans, Cabe says this is all about teaching the younger generation the Guam culture.
Cabe says, “We need to teach them about the culture because it’s who they are. We’re such a mixed plate of people on island that they need to know who they are as Guamanians so we try to perpetuate that with the children.”

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Chamorro Day Celebration 2015

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Theme: Fakmata, Fanhasso, nihi ta abansa mona i taotao-ta. “Wake Up, Think and Let Us Advance Our People for the Better.”

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Class of 2015 Gift to SBCS

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Chamorro Day 2015

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3rd Quarter Examination – SY 2014-2015

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Good luck to all students on your 3rd Quarter examination for SY 2014-2015. Following are the exam schedules:

Grades K-3: Teacher-based schedule.

Grade Level MAR 5 [THU] MAR 6 [FRI] MAR 9 [MON] MAR 10 [TUE]
Grade 4-8 Language Arts
Social Studies
Language Arts
Physical Education (Grade 4 only)

Please take note that Tuesday, March 10, is half day.  Students are to be picked-up no later than 12:30.  There is no extended care on this day. Professional Development for teachers starts at 1PM.  Also, no school on March 11, for the Teacher Record Day.

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Spartans Volleball Team

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Photos from their match against St. John Knights and St. Anthony Raiders last Feb. 23 and 26, 2015 respectively. The mighty Spartans team won both games. Congratulations! Go, SPARTANS and Coach Mr. Bong Mojas.

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Royal Court 2015

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5A Math Activity | “Adjusting Recipe”

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5A students under the Math class of Mrs. Riza Elomina had a fun-filled lesson cooking activity called “Adjusting Recipe” before the 3rd Quarter Exams. Students applied their lessons in multiplication and division of fractions, measurement, ratios and proportions by adjusting ingredients for their group recipe.

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Face to Faith | Dialogue with students from Xavier School, Nuvali, Philippines

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February 12, 2015 • SBCS 7th graders under the Religion class of Mr. Delson Balance exchange ideas, faith, and views with 8th grade students of Xavier School, Nuvali, Philippines.

What is Face to Faith?

Face to Faith works across the world delivering a pioneering education programme to help prevent religious conflict and extremism. We help students embrace an open-minded approach to others, to diversity and to difference that can lead to tolerant stable societies. –

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